Toys for Dogs

If you are one of the people that love to taking care of a dog, you need to understand that your dog needs to play too. Your dog needs a toy to play, and this will be their way to exercise. Also, this will be a great bonding to play a toy with your dogs. You can read below the different types of toys that suit in the taste of your dog.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone

This toy has a real flavor of bacon, and this is a chew toy. I am sure that your dog enjoys the taste of bacon and plays it the whole day. This toy made for dogs that have less than 70 pounds.

Humunga Tongue

This is a giant tongue toy with a ball on end, and it will make tons of silly photos. If you purchase this, make sure that you get the right size for your pooch.

KONG Air Squeaker

This is a type of tennis ball that encouraging your dogs to exercise and play. Even you hide it in the snow, your dog will find it easy if you are staying in a cold country.

Rubber Flyer Dog Toys

This toy is soft for your dog’s mouth because this is a rubber toy. It is not going to be crack even your dog bite it or throw it in a hard thing.

Vanderpump Sangria

You are not drinking alone if your dog was drinking too with you. Purchase an overly pampered pooch a bottle of Lisa Vanderpump- branded sangria in pink or red. Also, the night was a great bonding of your pet with you by drinking beer and her/his drink.

Dental Dinosaurs

This is another chew toy for your dog. Your dog loves to play with this because it helps your dog to clean their teeth. It is good to all little puppies out there that want a chew toy.