Educational Toys

Educational toys also are known as “Instructive toys.” Many toys can help your children to learn. They learn even they were still a baby, and their sense will improve because their toys that mostly plays. These are toys that our children use for school.

Wooden Blocks – Children can use wooden blocks in anyways as long as how far their imagination and creativity can reach. They can use it for counting. Differentiate colors, and memorizing shapes.

Puzzle – Your children mind will always be tested here on how fast they complete the missing parts of the puzzle.

Cooperative Board Games – This is not an individual game. It will test the cooperation of your children here. They need to cooperate with their team to finish the task given to their team.

Wooden Pattern Blocks –This is made of wood so that it means your children use it a long time. Your children use it for their imagined design or for copying patterns. They use this too for sorting colors, shape, stacking, and shape pattern.

Trace-n-Erase Chalkboards – A board that has pre-printed numbers, alphabet, and shapes, it helps your children to know how to write correctly.

Fine Motor Tool Set – It helps to strengthen the hand muscle of the little one to prepare his/her hand for writing.

Puppets – Children use puppets to pretend that they are talking. Sometimes teachers use puppets too for their teaching. They use it to catch the attention of all children, they enjoying listening to the lesson because of the said puppets.

Magnetic Letters – Your children would love to play this. They can use it to make a word. They can spell or make a short sentence with the use of magnetic letters.

Montessori Number Sticks – I am sure that your child would love to solve problems in math with the use of this Montessori number stick.

Balance Bench – Balance bench is perfect for children to practice their balance while walking at the top of this bench, which has the right height for kids. We need to practice their strength from head to toe because this is important too.