Best Toys for Baby until 5 years old girl

Toys make our babies happy, and we can play with them, too, to bond. If you are thinking about what is the best toy for your baby girl? Do not worry. There are many toys that your baby girl love.

Toys for baby girl

Miss Floral Bloom is a baby doll that dresses in soft, striped sleeves pink dress. Then it has a floral pattern playful cup lined and topped with matching bow. One more thing this baby doll has delicately scented with vanilla.

Fairytale Unicorn is not just adorable, but friendly, too. This unicorn toy made from natural rubber and hand- painted with the use of soy-based ink. This is surely safe for your baby girl to play hour by hours.

Wimmer Ferguson Mind-Shapes is easy to carry and shape, and it makes noise so that the babies will be encouraged to look, listen, and touch this toy.

Toys for 2 Years Old Girl

Orchard Fresh Cutting Fruit is a set of safe wooden knife, different kinds of fruits, and the right side of the wooden cutting board. Your little girl would lovely slice each fruit, and they feel that they were like their mom and dad.

Beginner Puzzle- Farm Babies have brilliant color that your baby girl would love. Get the little ones to be excited and exploring with you as a mother or parent. The little ones learn early with the help of your favorite farm friend.

Lalaboom Caterpillar colorful beads that filled with the exciting design and texture. Then it has an eye-catching that invites the hand of your baby to catch it.

Toys for your 5-Year-Old Girls

Breyer Paint Your Unicorn is a set of 8-inch unicorn figure and the six pots that have vibrant paint. The looks or color of that unicorn is at the hand of your little girl. She is free to paint it to have a wonderful unicorn toy.

Smart Start Cheese Dip toy help our kid with early learning to read. The kids enjoy playing this, with using the tail of their mouse they need to pick the letters to spell the words that written in their cards. It helps our kid to learn how to spell it in an early stage.

My Giant Busy Box is a big bag full of busy craft projects. It is full of fun for a kid to have this. Keep your little girl busy to do the busy craft project, and her young brain will be active.