Best Toy for Baby until 5 Years Old boy

They say that a baby boy is more playful than baby girls, so they need a toy that makes them more active. Here we go for the question, “what type of toy that fit for my little boy?” There are a lot of toys that surely fit your cute little boy.

Toys for Baby Boys

Mortimer the Moose has a soft body that your baby boy loves to touch and squeeze. The squeaker tummy of moose and the clacking tail rings will be adding more extra fun for your baby.

Beat Bop Baby Bongo has a noise that your baby boy would love. It has buttons on both right and left. In right button, the sound plays along with fun backing rhythms. While the left has a three-button to choose between bongo and animals sounds.

Classic Baby Beads was rattling in the colorful and non-toxic, water-based finishes. This toy makes clinking noises when you jumble it together. This is suit for the tiny hands of your little boy.

Toys for 2 Years Old Boy

City Vehicle- Police Car is the dream toy of your kid who ould want to be a police officer someday. This is huge and has large wheels and brilliant colors that make thrill the imagination of your boy.

Constructive Eating Construction Plate it is like most children plates, but it gives more fun with the kid to use this. Because it has double surfaced that pretend to play a construction site. This gave double purpose, it gave happiness to your child, and they get full while playing.

Mox by MOLUK was just like a ball or a puppet. You can do whatever you want to do with it- toss, roll, catch, or maybe squish its face and you can make different funny faces.

Toys for 5 Years Old Boy

Surprise Ride-Build a Dinosaur Science Kit was a fossil of the dinosaur. Play this toy while following the steps photo and after you do the steps: you will see that the fossils turn into amazing dinosaur. Your kid’s creativity will develop at an early stage for his age.

Timber Planks 300 Piece Set makes your children imagination wilder when it comes to building a building. Your little boy decides if what type of structure that he imagines and builds it with 300 timber planks.

Monster Truck Custom Shop is a toy that you can paint into shiny metallic paint, and you can add details and wild decals. After painting, pull the monster trucks back, then let them go them drive, flip, and roll at the ground.